The Riot Act Road Safety Workshop – January 2017

Today Year 6 took part in a workshop about Road Safety. This interactive C.S.I. style workshop promoted transitional road safety skills in an interactive and unforgettable way, addressing the dangers of distractions from phones, music and peer influence around roads.The following report was written by two Year 6 pupils (Riyan and Teshane) who attended the interactive drama session.

“As soon as we entered the hall, a wounded cyclist and a severely injured victim caught our eyes. After being given direct instructions, we examined the scene for clues. With our best investigative skills we caught a glimpse of the victim’s sister. She accused the cyclist of thrusting him onto the road. The victim was clothed in a black hoodie. Lying next to him was a set of large headphone and his mobile phone – still blaring!!

Teshane stated, “The Riot Act (a road safety theatre company) had deliberately set up the scene, the aftermath of a road accident. Our job was to determine exactly what happened. We learnt about the HAZARDS of being distracted whilst walking home from school. It was an excellent way to get us talking about the dangers we face on our busy roads.”

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